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7-6: A Central Arkansas Chapter

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501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

We are an Association of Combat Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces brought together by a common purpose. We support all Veterans whether they ride or not, although we ourselves ride. We are an organization of Veterans who believe in lending a helping hand to our fellow brothers in arms who may not be as fortunate as us or may just need the camaraderie that so many of us lost when we returned home from our duty stations. Locally, we may not all be from the same military branch or combat team, but we all share an understanding that can only be found among those who have served and defended our country. Together we are strong, we are brothers.

Our mission as members of the CVMA® is to support Veteran organizations, individuals and charities through fund-raising events, education, and awareness. The CVMA is a motorcycle association, not a club. We ride together, support each other and participate in local events supporting motorcycle and Veteran related causes in our communities.

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Local rides, rallies and events in the central Arkansas region.



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The War is Over

Making a difference. What you can do and a list of local Veteran organizations.

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Who we are and what we do. We aren't just a group of men and women who ride together. We served our country and continue our mission to serve now that we are back home through the CVMA®

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