Join the CVMA® and Make a Difference

The Mission Continues...

Support and defend those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Ride with us to help Veteran care facilities provide a warm meal, clothing, shelter, and guidance, or simply to say "Thank You" and "Welcome Home".


Who Can Join?

Anyone with military service who rides, combat or otherwise can join as well as their spouses. It does not matter whether you are male or female as long as you support our country and our cause to help Veterans.

How to Join the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association®

Joining Us

The first step is getting in touch with us. Once you've made contact you will need to fill out the Application and Member Patch Agreement provided to you by a certified contact within the organization.

Other documents you will need are a copy of your DD214, your driver's license with M endorsement, proof of motorcycle ownership, and proof of insurance.

Getting in Touch
If you live outside of Arkansas you can contact the CVMA on the national page by clicking Here. If you live in Arkansas feel free to contact us through our contact page.

What Does It Cost To Be a CVMA® Member?

Annual dues are $20 for Full Members and $10 for Support and Auxiliary Members. Dues for CVMA members deployed in a war zone will be waived. Dues for all members are due not later than June 30th of each year. Dues for new members will cover the balance of the current year and dues will be collected again in June. Dues for all new members joining between 1 January - 30 June will be considered as paid in full for the balance of the current year and the following year.

You will also need to pay an initial patch usage fee if you are approved to become a member. Each back patch requires a usage fee of an amount equal to the manufacturing and delivery cost.